The European savoury snacks industry listens to the preferences of the millions of consumers who enjoy our products every day.

Our consumers demand great tasting snacks and treats, excellent value for money, constantly improving nutritional content and of course the highest quality ingredients and finished products.

To meet these expectations European snack manufacturers continually invest millions of Euros into the development of new products, ingredients and manufacturing methods.

Although savoury snacks products contribute very little to the average dietary salt and fat intake in the European diet, our members are always working to bring these great flavours and tastes to market whilst ensuring lower levels of salt, saturated fat and total fat.

Whilst manufacturers already successfully reduced the average quantity of salt in their recipe in the past decade, the European market has witnessed a considerable drop in fat and saturated fats levels in the recent years (up to 60% less saturated fats in the final product) thanks to the replacement of previously used frying oils with high-oleic sunflower oil (e.g. for potato crisps) or the use of new cooking techniques (e.g. air-popped snacks or oven-baked snacks).

To further improve the nutritional composition of the products, snacks makers also increasingly include fibre- and protein-rich ingredients such as pulses to develop the market for healthier options.